Because it is so nutritious, this Tropical Chia Pudding with coconut milk and tropical fruit can be enjoyed at any time of day.

This nutritious chia pudding with tropical flavors can be enjoyed for breakfast or dessert. I included it in my breakfast category because it reminded me of a meal.

I used fresh mango and banana to give this vegan chia pudding its tropical flavor. I combined the chia seeds and coconut milk before layering it with fresh tropical fruit.

I also added some coconut chunks for extra coconut taste. The ultimate result will transport you to the tropics.

Like overnight oats, this simple chia pudding can be prepared the night before. 

Allow the mixture to soak overnight, then add the fresh mangoes and banana slices in the morning.

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This Thai Coffee Chia Pudding is the final chia pudding recipe you'll ever need! It will fill you up and satisfy your sweet tooth.

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