Vanilla Protein Shake

This vanilla protein smoothie is made with basic, natural ingredients and high in protein. It's ideal for a post-workout snack or a nutritious breakfast on the go!  

Protein shakes are really popular right now, and for good reason! They serve as an invigorating breakfast and an excellent post-workout snack, refueling your body and repairing exhausted muscles.  

Over the years, I've tried a variety of protein shake flavors, but there are times when I crave a real classic - vanilla!  

Some individuals might think vanilla is dull, but believe me! This vanilla protein shake has a lot of vanilla flavor (from three sources!) and is quite creamy.  

When we think of a protein shake, we usually imagine combining protein powder and water in a blender container and stirring it up. I've always been a fan of protein shakes, so I started preparing blended ones that taste excellent.  

Of course, there is an extra step because you will need to use your blender, but believe me, it is worth it.  

Protein powder - Because this is a vanilla protein smoothie, I like to add vanilla protein powder for extra flavor. However, if you only have natural (unflavored) protein powder on hand, you can use that instead!   

In terms of protein powders, I prefer Nuzest. It's plant-based, has a small ingredient list, and provides excellent nutritional information! Use the coupon eatingbirdfood to get 15% off your order.  

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