What to expect from Microsoft Build 2024: The Surface event, Windows 11 and AI

Pretty almost every tech business is ready to throw their weight behind artificial intelligence, for better or worse.   

Project Astra, Google's artificial intelligence assistant that seems lifelike, was the main attraction at the company's recent I/O developer conference.  

Prior to that, OpenAI introduced GPT 4o, an AI model that is both conversational and frighteningly sexually suggestive, and it is free of charge.   

The following week, next in Seattle, is Microsoft Build 2024, the developer conference of the business.  

An onstage coding demonstration to wow the developer audience is a nice touch to what is usually a rather simple celebration of Microsoft's commitment to productivity at Build.   

The business has already debuted Bing Chat powered by ChatGPT in early 2023,   

 but this year it is preparing to make some more massive AI advances.

When you add in the speculation of new Surface hardware, Build 2024 has all the makings of a monumental Microsoft event.  

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