You Are Highly Attentive If You Can Spot The Pencil In 12 Seconds!

Those require you to use your imagination and observation skills are more than just a hobby.   

A lightning-fast intellect and keen vision are needed to solve these riddles and reveal the hidden features.  

To begin with, you'll need a high IQ to solve these problems. Ability to think creatively,   

recognize patterns, and solve problems are all necessary.   

Those with higher IQs have an advantage when solving these types of puzzles because they are better able to process visual information rapidly and draw conclusions that others would overlook.  

Is this picture puzzle IQ test something you're up for?  

I challenge you to put your powers of observation to the test! Somewhere in this elaborate drawing is a cunning pencil just waiting to be found.   

You just have twelve seconds to find it, so don't relax!  

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