You Can Find The Hidden Word Soul In 9 Seconds?

If you are ready for a challenge, attempt this optical illusion! It's meant to test your visual vision and ability to spot even the smallest details, determining whether you have above-average intellect.  

These images can cause you to see things that aren't there or obscure key features that you would normally see.  

Your duty is clear. All you have to do is find the hidden word "soul" in the optical illusion. Spotting the concealed word is a feat that only someone with outstanding intelligence can do.  

Grab your timer and set it for nine seconds. Your challenge is to locate the word hidden within the optical illusion in the given time limit.

If you can't spot the hidden word, don't worry; you're certainly not alone. To make the test easier for you, here's a hint. 

The easiest way to solve the optical illusion would be to look for the letter ‘u’ in the image.  

If you can't find the right word even with the hint, here's a clear view of the word hidden in the optical illusion. Take a look:

LeBron is wanted by the Lakers ‘on whatever term that he wants.’ Possible Bronny draft. 

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