You Have Eyes Of A Hunter If You Can Spot A Button In 12 Seconds!

Do you think you have the mental agility, keen eyesight, and keen observational abilities of a hunter?  

Try to distinguish yourself from the rest by locating a butto  

Those that do very well in these areas tend to have a high IQ, excellent problem-solving abilities, and a keen eye for detail.  

Success in these tasks is indicative of top-notch pattern recognition and the capacity to ignore irrelevant information in favor of the essentials.  

Is an optical illusion challenge something you can handle?   

Imagine this: a dog running behind four children holding umbrellas on a rainy day.   

This apparently straightforward scenario really contains a button. An actual button!  

This is where things heat up, though: you only have twelve seconds to find it.  

Are You Sherlock Holmes? Find Hidden Light Bulb in 15 Seconds 

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