If you can spot all 9 blue-headed parrots in the rainforest, you have the eyes of a hawk – but one is harder to see

If you blink, you just might miss them as they're very well hidden. 

innovative solutionIn this image, nine parrots are concealed so you will have to do a double-take. Pay close attention not to miss it! s can be achieved by combining qualitative and quantitative data.   

Optical illusions are images created to fool our brains and can be a simple intelligence exam. 

Among the green leaves of the Amazon rainforest, nine parrots are camouflaged perfectly. 

Sift through the twigs and the leaves of the image before you. 

But be quick! Time is ticking. Brain puzzles like this image are made to help improve cognitive function, concentration, and attention span. It's like a workout for your brain.

The parrots are congregated in the middle of the picture, hidden among the green leaves. 

We have the answer below if you can't find all nine parrots. 

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