Your relationship is doing well if you're thinking these 8 things about it.

There are few places and topics healthy relationships cannot discuss. Shared feelings are varied. Good signs include looking to your mate after good and difficult days. You innately believe your mate understands your experiences  

1. I like telling my partner about my good and bad days.

If you turn to your spouse for help, you probably feel that you share a value system that organizes the world. A shared value system is a key indication of long-term relationship success and happiness.  

2. I appreciate how my partner solves challenges.  

Good relationships make people feel seen, heard, and understood. These feelings of understanding underpin all good connection systems. Trust exists if you assume your partner is naturally responsive.  

3. My partner naturally responds to my needs and feelings.  

A long-term relationship must endure many life upheavals and surprises. You and your partner will use your basic principles to make decisions when unforeseen issues arise.  

4. I trust that my partner and I share values in major life decisions.  

Healthy relationships can handle conflict because trust and goodwill usually overcome it. Conflict and hurt are part of healthy partnerships. 

5. Even when upset, we both feel trust and affection for each other.

Some people are more comfortable being vulnerable, accepting care, and losing control. Any sick person is in this position! Some people enjoy being alone when sick, yet we all need help when we can't perform well.   

6. I like having my partner there while I'm sick.

Your spouse should boost your potential! When your best and most authentic self is allowed, your relationship works. If you feel you must be “smaller” to protect your mate, beware.  

7. Im comfortable being my best with my lover.

All of us project our “stories” onto partners. Without reflecting on your story, you project blindly onto your relationships, making it hard to feel them truly. If you or your partner have experienced trauma or unresolved anguish, this is worse.   

8. My partner knows their history and “where they came from.”

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