Zack Snyder Would Have “Destroyed” Superman To Reclaim Hero’s Humanity And Finish Henry Cavill’s DCEU Arc

With James Gunn and DC Studios going on with David Corenswet,  

Henry Cavill may never get to end his journey as Superman, even though stranger things have happened.   

Contrarily, that is not the story of them or their unimpressive costume reveal.  

We will never know if Henry Cavill's story would have ended the way Zack Snyder had hoped it would in his GQ career retrospective,   

but at least we know how he wanted it to.  

According to Marvel Comics, everything is okay! The CEO of Disney, Bob Iger, has stated that something MUST change. FAST!  

Snyder planned to conclude the arc in his Justice League trilogy,   

in which Superman reaches rock bottom and turns to Darkseid, rather than in a standalone Man of Steel trilogy.  

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