Your weekly horoscope: This new moon in Leo will help you create wealth for yourself.

Is there a void that you've been attempting to fill? Self-control may help you battle any emotions of uneasiness that occur on Monday, when emotional Venus in sensitive Cancer opposes optimistic Jupiter in competitive Aries. 

 Under this influence, we may be tempted to overeat and unintentionally rack up bills. So, if you feel prompted to legitimise your sentiments through retail therapy

Minor misunderstandings may escalate into heated debates on Tuesday, when opinionated Mercury in prideful Leo squares fiery Mars in stubborn Taurus. 

 If you see emotions of paranoia rising, take some time to centre yourself, stretch your muscles, and let off steam with a little walk in nature.

Taking a moment to pause might help you rethink your viewpoint and obtain a better understanding of your emotions. 

When Jupiter goes retrograde in ambitious Aries on Thursday, we'll be called to examine our previous triumphs and how we achieved them.

 During this transit, do your best to avoid distractions and break negative habits so that you can move forward. 

On Thursday, chatty Mercury in bossy Leo squares rebellious Uranus in stubborn Taurus, it's also a good idea to take the easy route. 

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